Luxurious spa apartments, Italy

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List of flats

Flat ID Floor Disposition Size Price PDF
AP.02 Ground floor 3+kk 90.26 sqm 11 558 160 CZK
AP.03 1st floor 3+kk 123 sqm 13 880 160 CZK
AP.04 1st floor 3+kk 129 sqm 16 915 935 CZK
AP.07 3rd floor 2+kk 87.06 sqm 10 103 940 CZK
AP.08 3rd floor 3+kk 137.65 sqm 15 462 090 CZK
AP.09 Duplex 2+kk 282 sqm 17 350 000 CZK
AP.10 Duplex 2+kk 280 sqm 15 538 635 CZK


Sotheby’s Int. Realty Czech Republic presents a unique opportunity of living in Italy’s most famous spa in Montecatini Terme. The Tuscan spa town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is among the top 11 European spa towns.

The entire Aurora project is unique due to its location in close proximity to the world-famous thermal springs and its extremely high standard of living, comfort, and safety.

The residential complex consists of two parts: PALAZZO STORICO and PALAZZO MODERNO.

In PALAZZO STORICO there are carefully renovated apartments in a historic building built in the first decade of the twentieth century in the Liberty style. The house was designed by one of the most famous architect of his time, Giulio Bernardin.

The building has 1 commercial space and 7 apartments with different layouts and exclusive interiors by Italian designers.

The historic building, designed and built by the renowned Liberty-style architect Giulio Bernardini in 1910, has been carefully restored, but all the original architectural features have been preserved as a reference to the historic significance of the building.

The reconstruction was led by architect Robert Agnelli and civil engineer Marcello Mucci. During the reconstruction, among other things, the foundations of the entire building were strengthened and complete engineering networks were built. The used materials have the highest possible standard, which corresponds to the solution of the entire project. The aim was for the houses and the individual apartments to provide a top-notch impression of living and fulfill the vision of the architect Giulio Bernardini, the author of the original house PALLAZZO STORICO.

The PALAZZO MODERNO offers a total of two large townhouses with terraces and a private garden. Both of these properties are designed as two-story apartments in a modern style. During their implementation, attention was paid to the same quality of processing as in the rest of the project. Both of these luxury apartments have a spacious living room, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.


Montecatini Terme is the most famous Italian spa town. It is located in Tuscany, in the province of Pistoia. The town was founded by Archduke Leopold I of Tuscany (Pietro Leopoldo), who began to use the therapeutic springs in the late 18th Century, which led to the development of the town as a new spa destination. The town and the spa industry saw their greatest boom in the early 20th Century when Montecatini Terme experienced the period of its greatest prosperity. Most of the spa buildings, hotels, villas, and private homes were built in this period. Montecatini Terme is characterized by its elegant colonnades, thanks to which it is also known as the “Italian Carlsbad”. UNESCO has included Montecatini Terme on the list of Greatest Spa of Europe – TOP 11 elite spa towns in Europe. Thanks to its location in the heart of Tuscany, the uniqueness of the world-class spa according to UNESCO, history, and transport accessibility, it is possible to mark the acquisition of housing in Montecatini Terme as an excellent investment. Montecatini Terme has about 20,000 permanent residents. It is renowned not only for its spas and health centers but also for its quality services for its inhabitants and exceptional Tuscan cuisine. The city is a great place to live for both residents and visitors on vacation.

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