Apartments, Prague 2 – Vinohrady

ID: 0271

List of flats

Flat ID Floor Disposition Size Terrace Price PDF
101 1.NP 2+kk 62.3 sqm 2.1  sqm Upon request Download
102 1.NP 2+kk 80.9 sqm 0  sqm Upon request Download
301 3.NP 2+kk 63.5 sqm 2.1  sqm Upon request Download
303 3.NP 3+kk 133.8 sqm 0  sqm Upon request Download
402 4.NP 2+kk 81.1 sqm 0  sqm Upon request Download
403 4.NP 3+kk 134.3 sqm 0  sqm Upon request Download
502 5.NP 2+kk 79.8 sqm 0  sqm Upon request Download
503 5.NP 2+kk 99.8 sqm 0  sqm Upon request Download
504 5.NP 2+kk 71.7 sqm 0  sqm Upon request Download
604 6.NP 2+kk 72.2 sqm 0  sqm Upon request Download
701 7.NP 3+kk 115.2 sqm 0  sqm Upon request Download
702 7. NP 3+kk 141.3 sqm 0  sqm Upon request Download
801 8.NP 4+kk 147.9 sqm 11.2  sqm Upon request Download
802 8.NP 4+kk 156.1 sqm 12.9  sqm Upon request Download


This project for a newly renovated apartment building in the heart of Královské Vinohrady provides modern living with historical charm. In the immediate surroundings you can enjoy walks in the parks, cosy cafes or fresh products at the farmers’ markets, while still being in the centre of Prague.

The Art Nouveau building will surprise you with its modern and timeless design. Although the whole building is currently undergoing a thorough renovation, original elements and spaces are being sensitively preserved. Despite having to fulfil all modern technical parameters the building still preserves the historical spirit of the place.

In the project a total of 35 new apartments with a layout from 1 room + kitchenette to 4 rooms + kitchenette, including five penthouses, will be built. You can choose from two collections of interior standards so that your home is completed according to how you envisage it. Delivery of the finished units is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

  • 1 to 3 bed apartments
  • 36 – 156 sqm
  • elevator
  • completion 1Q / 2020

LOCATION – Prague 2, Vinohrady

Attractive residential area, a three-minute walk from the metro station and tram stop on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square or from the Riegrovy sady park. The farmers’ markets on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square are an integral part of life in this Vinohrady quarter, their atmosphere regularly attracting residents of Prague, so you can enjoy premium products from Czech farms in the shade of trees.

The busy social life has a relaxed and friendly pace in Královské Vinohrady. Vinohrady Theatre, renowned restaurants, pleasant bistros, distinctive cafés and small shops will delight all lovers of unusual experiences. This tranquil quarter in the wider center of Prague, with its varied social opportunities, benefits from both a glorious past and a vibrant present. Large parks with views of the metropolis, idyllic secluded places, full-grown trees lining the streets of Vinohrady with their unique architectural jewels – all this creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

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