Apartment house, Prague 1 – Malá Strana

ID: 0180
  • 970 sqm

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This historical burgher house, which is now used as the Red Lion Hotel, is located in the Lesser Town (Malá Strana) in the old centre of Prague, right on the Royal Route, in the immediate vicinity of the main entrance gate to Prague Castle and only three minutes’ walk from the Charles Bridge.

The first written records of the building date back to the 15th century. The cellars have been preserved from the Gothic period, and the painted beamed ceilings in the restaurant and rooms date from the Renaissance period. From 1994 to 1995, a complex reconstruction was conducted, during which all the historical elements were carefully restored. The authenticity of the building’s history is also emphasized by the original antique furniture selected with respect to the individual rooms.

The building’s two underground floors are used as a bar and wine bar. On the ground floor, there is a restaurant with a lounge and a terrace in the courtyard of the building. It is also possible to use the front terrace in Nerudova Street in summer. The rooms, i.e. five double rooms and three suites, each with four beds, are located from the first floor to the fourth floor.


Nerudova Street rises along the old Royal Route from the Lesser Town Square to Prague Castle. It used to serve as the main artery of the Lesser Town, leading to Strahov Monastery. Today it is one of the most popular parts of Prague for tourists, full of picturesque cafés, restaurants and shops. At the end of the hill, the street is divided into Úvoz Street, with beautiful views, and the Town Hall Steps (Radnické schody), leading to Hradčany Square.

The Czech poet, writer and journalist Jan Neruda, after whom the street is named, lived in the House of the Two Suns (U dvou slunců) until he was thirty-six.

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