Apartments, Prague 1 – Old Town

ID: 0125_C

List of flats

Flat ID Floor Disposition Size Parking Price Status PDF
C1 G Shell and core 231 sqm Yes Upon request For sale
C2 1 Shell and core 216 sqm Yes Upon request Sold
C3 2 Shell and core 223 sqm Yes - For sale
C4 3 Shell and core 274 sqm Yes Upon request For sale


Old Town Court represents a new concept for luxury living in the heart of the city. Its essence is the transformation of a historical jewel in Prague’s most prominent neighbourhood into 12 exclusive residences. Designed by renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, Old Town Court combines the highest standard of modern living with the historical features of the original building. Project feautures on-site underground parking for residents only, private courtyard surrounded with greenery, full service reception and top of the line security system for the whole complex.
The Old Town Court complex consists of three parts – A, B and C – each with its unique character to satisfy client’s individual needs. The design of the new construction allows the buildings in this complex to blend into the old town area seamlessly. Each of the three parts is unique and luxurious in their own way, each emphasizing intimacy and providing a high sense of exclusivity. The first class interiors feature the finest and most sophisticated architectural solutions, with a focus on individually catered design and high quality equipment. Old Town Court allows for alterations to the internal layout as well as material selection.

Building C: Traditional living with genius loci

This part of the project presents an ideal living for those appreciating history and traditional architectural styles. It is characterized by generous disposition and preserving original architectural features such as vaulted ceilings and exposed beams. Restoration of the premises took care to maintain and renovate all the original structural elements and architectural details so as to emphasize the art and craft of our forefathers. The apartments have access to all the amenities of the complex including parking and the reception services in building A.
The traditional attic apartment is accented by natural wood and brick construction and its open space layout creates great design potential. A ground level apartment boasts high ceilings and its disposition make this unit ideal for a spacious apartment as well being adapted as a small business office.


The intriguing history of Obecni Dvur in Old Prague dates back to the second half of the 15th century. Surviving the urban reconstruction of the city during the 19th and 20th centuries, Obecni Dvur is now a vivid testimony of the architectural development of Prague’s center over several centuries, combining Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical and other architectural styles. Over the years it has served a number of functions such as housing the king’s fire brigade.

LOCATION – Prague 1, Old Town

Prague’s most prestigious district can easily be defined by using Pařížká, Dlouhá, Kozi and Bilkova streets as its borders. Living at Old town court will redefine the expectations of city living by allowing residents to step from their own private gardens right into the lively streets of Staré Město. Surrounded by iconic sites, picturesque squares and the true spirit of luxury, the Old Town Court attracts those who love culture, art and the finer things in life. The squares and sidewalks of the Old Town abound with famous restaurants and cafés. It is also home to gourmet restaurants that promise a superb dining experience with their international cuisine, interior design and first class service. The many cafes offer a more relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a quiet afternoon. Private wine shops and gourmet food stores scattered throughout the cobblestone streets stock a vast selection of the best local and international wines and delicacies. Pařížká Street, which takes its name from the elegant boulevards of Paris, boasts boutiques of prestigious fashion brands and lavish cafés. A wide range of shops with local and international products can be found in the shopping streets of the city center.

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