Villas and hotel resort – Bali

ID: B101
  • 10

    3beds villas
  • 15 rooms

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Luxury resort villas manta hideaway with no hint if urban intrusions that promises heaven experience in luxury tropical paradise island. It represents a new style od contemporary life with respect to the environment and indigenous people. The architectural and ecological miracle is the responsible investment in beauty, luxury, and also a sustainable future. 

The resort will be supplied with water from its own well, rainwater will be collected and together with waste water will be cleaned and reused in the resort. In the dry season, seawater will be pumped and desalted, thus the resort becomes completely independent on water suply. The idea of sustainable development is applied also to waste sorting policy, such as composting, where special microorganisms that drastically reduce the amount of bio-waste are used.

Resort is located on an exceptional island with almost untouched nature with one of the highest biodiversity in the word. The surrounding landscape wild valley forest and white beaches with crystal clear aquamarine waters is so unique that the project was built only on the condition that the beauty of the countryside and the environment would not be affecter and disturbed. The inspiration for the architect was very elegant manta ray. This was the reason why this project is the first one in this area approved by the authorities and supported by the government. The design of resort is the work of the world-renowned architect Ing.arch. Kamil Bily, known for organic and nature architecture, who has experience with building a resort on the island of Seychelles.

VILLAS – is inspired by the curves of swimming mantas. Villas are placed in the terrain not to overlap the views from each villa. This, combined with an several novel disposition and a deep valley, provides a privacy and Minogue views. The villas are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as intelligent control of lights and air conditioning, swimming pol cleaning using ozone, etc.

HOTEL – is situated at the entrance to the resort. Rooms are designed n the standard organic style typical for Manta resort. In the bottom part there are double rooms. On the second floor are apartments with two separate room and on the second floor are situated two large offices and one glassed-in lounge with roof garden for events. Weddings and celebrations. The garden is connected with the upper part of the restaurant, saloon and wine bar.

LOCATION – The Nusa Penida island

The main island and administrative centre od Nusa Penida Island is Bali Island, located in the Indian Ocean. Bali Island is a famous tourist destination with lots of resorts, entertainment and restaurant. To escape from crowded streets, beaches and traffic jams, visit the scenic Nusa Penida, situated from Bali just 30-40 minutes by boat or 7 minutes by helicopter.

The property is located in the Atuh region and is connected to the transport infrastructure by a new asphalt road, which was built with the support od Indonesian Government. Resort lies above the long, white sand beach that is lined with rocky cliffs and offers amazing views. The island of Nusa Pendia surrounds the crystal white and black sand beaches washed with turquoise waters of ocean. There are untouched natures, coral reefs and lagoon with crystal clear water. Beaches are 2-5 minutes on foot.

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