Residence, Prague 7 – Troja

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This grand, spacious and luxurious villa stands in the prominent Prague residential district of Troja. Thanks to the spectacular garden covering nearly one hectare (approx. 2.5 acres) and the interior design, the property also finds itself being used for other notable purposes, for example, as the seat of a foreign embassy or of a business corporation. Enjoy unique views of Prague and a private green oasis set high on the slope above Troja Chateau.

Villa district living within sight of Prague Castle

Since the 1920s, the Troja area has been a prime location for luxury living. Influential businessmen and industrialists built their family mansions here to accentuate their high social status. The history of Troja Villa is closely tied to this period. This timeless residence offers everything you may want, including the possibility of separating the public and private tracts. The glass façade always keeps you in touch with the large garden, which boasts dozens of mature fruit and walnut trees as well as its own miniature vineyard. The upper stories have terraces and balconies with a fascinating view of the green lane of Stromovka and a panorama of the capital beyond. The luxurious rooms with heated marble floors and bespoke furniture offer a cozy atmosphere. For your comfort, the five-story, 1,000-square-meter (10,800 sq ft) villa is equipped with, an ultra-quiet elevator, CCTV and cutting-edge security system among other amenities. There is also a heated driveway leading to a set of ten parking spaces and two garages. You can recharge your batteries after a hectic day at work in a wellness area featuring a counter-flow pool, sauna, steam bath, hot-tub and gym.

LOCATION – Prague 7, Troja

The Troja neighborhood has an excellent reputation among locals, who view it as an oasis of calm and greenery and a place for relaxation, offering popular attractions such as the celebrated Prague zoo, botanical garden, and the St. Claire vineyard. The hilly terrain with dozens of luxury villas and estates dotted about is a characteristic component of the local genius loci. The Blanka Tunnel, opened just last year, makes this part of Prague more accessible than ever before, with the city centre no more than 10 minutes away by car, comparable to the walking time to Stromovka and Císařský Island. The neighborhood is also among the safest in the capital, and remains a place where neighbors still know and greet each other even today.

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