Office, Prague 5 – Malvazinky

ID: 0122_5
  • 100 sqm

  • 3

  • 35 000



Commercial space is situated on the ground floor of a boutique residential project Villa Peroutkova in an attractive Prague residential area. Dating from the 1930s, the villa is situated in Peroutkova Street in the high-demand Malvazinky Quarter of the Smíchov District. The villa’s design emphasizes geometric simplicity, making the building timeless, yet at the same time possessed of distinct genius loci. This small-scale residential project offers a level of peace, security and privacy. The renovation emphasized the historical value of the house; a number of structural elements are being restored to their original condition.
Office space offers three spacious rooms with a total area of 100 sqm including bathroom and toilets. Rental is available from August 1 for CZK 35,000 plus services charges.

LOCATION – Prague 5, Malvazinky

The Malvazinky Quarter is a peaceful residential area attractive both to families, who will appreciate the abundant greenery and to young people interested in the rich social and cultural opportunities offered by central Smíchov. In times gone by, this hilly vicinity was covered in vineyards but as Prague expanded in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, these were gradually replaced by residential areas.

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